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About Us

about us

Kendall’s Farm Butchers was opened in 1967 in the heart of the Yorkshire dales, Pateley Bridge, and owned by Thomas Fredrick Norman Kendall. He provided the local community with quality meat and served it with a friendly smile and from 1967 to 2023 this ethos has never changed, top quality meat and a warm welcome can always be found at Kendalls. In 1967 Thomas unknowingly began to make what would be the most popular item Kendalls would ever sell, the pork pie. Made with locally sourced pork, herbs, spices, and hot water crust pastry he didn’t know these pies would win not only the hearts of locals and visitors but would go on to win countless awards and gain recognition at both regional and national level.

In 1985 Thomas’s son Ian Kendall took over the family butchers and the shop continued to gain reputation for selling quality meat and the popular pork pie which was quickly becoming a staple for anyone to try when visiting Pateley Bridge. As the pies became more popular Ian Kendall realized he would have to make a bakery at the back of the butchers to make sure he could keep up with the ever-growing demand for these now famous pies. We still use the same bakery at the back of our butchers in Pateley now and every pie is handmade and baked every day just like in 1967, our pies have never altered because we know that the original pies Thomas made cannot be beaten. Throughout the years Ian continued to build strong bonds with the local community and his young son Paul helped him in the shop from the age of 10 where he began his knowledge of butchering and pie making. In 1999 Paul Kendall took over the butchers from his father Ian, Paul is the current owner of Kendalls however even in 2023 Ian still comes into the butchers to help with the occasional sausage making or butchering whenever he can.

1999 Paul began to quickly put Kendalls on the map, going to local events and doing butchery demonstrations and entering competitions which our pies and meat products won and still win now. The famous pork pies were continued to become more and more popular and in the 2000’s our pie menu began. Using the same secret recipe of herbs and spices and locally sourced pork, Kendalls began to make new pork pie flavours such as pork and apple and pork and mushy pea. In 2023 we have over 20 different pie flavours as well as sausage rolls and pasties. From the traditional pork pie to piccalilli and pork there is something for everyone to try. Our sausage rolls and Pateley pasty’s gained quick popularity and throughout the years Paul continued to develop his products along side his hard working staff to provide the best meat and pies possible. From wedding pies to birthday pies we are always trying something new. We are now known in not only England but in other countries such as Australia and we have many people who travel to try our famous pies. We now ship nationwide and our website is an exciting new part of our business. From 1967 to 2023 we strive to build great relationships with our suppliers and local farmers, we only buy meat from farmers markets (Skipton, Otley, Pateley Bridge and Northallerton) and it is handpicked by our buyer Mr Nick Dalby to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare and quality. Our customers are the heart of our butchers, nothing is ever a problem and we are happy to help with anything. Paul’s daughter Francesca now works in the shop making us a 4th generation family butchers. Its safe to say we know our stuff our should I say pies…